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Big up to my first beauty post! I don’t believe beauty is my forte… I do not wear make up on an every day basis. It’s more on weekends, when I go out (even though I enjoy wearing make up, don’t get me wrong). But I do like to do my hair, since mother nature gave me really, REALLY messy curls…

Not easy to deal with everyday… either I do a high bun, or a blowout (but I can NEVER brush it the way it is, unless I want to look like the Jackson Five).

I guess, I’m not the only one with that kind of messy curls, so I thought I would show you my different hair products!

Bumble and Bumble Shampoo, Conditionner and Finishing Spray
I discover these products thanks to Mr. Cosmeticary who presented them to me at the opening of Smets. He was kind enough to offer them to me. And I can’t thank him enough, I love those products! It is more expensive than what you find in regular grocery stores, but it’s worth it. You can find the Bumble and Bumble products at Cosmeticary and Smets.

Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Calming Creme
And guess what?  Mr. Cosmeticary was so convicing that I actually bought another product from Bumble and Bumble (well actually my best friend offerd it to me – how COOL is she?) I’m so glad I finally found something that is able to manage my curls (they actually look like curls when I use this). You can find the Bumble and Bumble products at Cosmeticary and Smets.

Pantene Pro V Frizz Control, John Frieda Enhancing Blonde Conditionner and L’Oréal Ever Sleek Shampoo
These are the products I bring back from the USA. I love making my beauty shopping there (let’s be serious, ANY kind of shopping), but beauty shopping is way more fun. There is so many different shampoos, conditionners,… for ridiculous prices. I know you should be able to find John Frieda at the durgstore DI or the INNO shopping center.

Garnier Ultra Doux and TRESemmé Smooth&Silky
My hairdresser told me it was better to use regular shampoo, so that’s what I use in general, unless when I do a blowout. Then I use the Smooth&Silky from TRESemmé or the Ever Sleek from L’Oréal for a frizz control effect. I usually wash my hair every 3 days.

Frank Provost Expert Protection
Before blow-drying my hair or using the curling iron, I always spray some of this protection. It protects my hair from the heat (must have for me since I have already really dry hair)

Professional Brushes
I recieved the big one from my Mom (who’s a big blowout addict), and it’s the best one EVER! I don’t use the small one as much, but it’s good when I really want to work on the curls.

Professional Hair Dryer
That’s my Mom’s old one. It’s the best I’ve ever used. Really powerfull and hot.

Baby Liss Curling Iron
Christmas present I got from my aunt and I absolutely LOVE it! So usefull. I usually use it after my blowout, but sometimes I just do it on my curly hair (the result is not as pretty as after a blowout).

I always use curlers.  The result is always better, even if I want straight hair. It gives more volume, and hair look simply better.


Well, you probably see it on my pictures (the high buns, or the straight hair), but here is a closer look

That’s how it looks right after I take the curlers out. But it never stays that curly. It becomes kind of wavy.

This is straight but right with the curlers. I like it better this way than completely straight, what do you think?

Blowout and curling iron.

What did you think of this first beauty post? I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a nice weekend! xx

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