What color did you say?

I was never into white shoes (unless for sneakers of course). Besides sneakers, NO white shoes, of any kind. And certainly not white boots!

I always found that to be vulgar, especially if it had a pointed toe.

But believe it or not, something is happening to me… it first started with the Isabel Marant fringed boots:

YES. WHITE BOOTS. I still can not believe this myself.

Then, came the fashion week of september with the Spring/Summer 2012 collections:

Alexander Wang


Louis Vuitton

White + pointed toe. Here I was looking at those, NOT finding them vulgar (even far from that). With months, I couldn’t stop thinking about all these white shoes.

Then, I found some white beauties on Zara.com:

And there I had to admit it, I am actually falling for white shoes!

Do I need help? Is that normal?

And what about you, could you put your mind into wearing white shoes?


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