What do you do for a living…?

This has nothing to do with fashion but still, it is something I want to share with you.

How have you figured out what you wanted to do in life?

I have just talked to one of my bestfriend for a while, and we were talking about how we have NO CLUE what we want to do! Still, we both have jobs. Still we both studied for years. But we studied something that is pretty general, Marketing. Or Business. It’s not like law school, or even medical school where you know where you’re headed.

How are we suppose to figure out what we’ll do maybe for the rest of our lives? Because I want to do something that I like. I want to wake up in the morning and be happy about going to work. And don’t tell me that never happens because I know it does, I just need to figure out what that thing is.

I definitly know it’s about fashion, and maybe marketing? But this is SUCH A LARGE OPTION! Fashion is such a large market, and I definitly don’t have the time to try everything out!

And what about all those new jobs uh? With the time, most of the jobs we will see didn’t even exist a few years ago. Should I create my job, the one that fits me the most?

Well I know some things I like! That I even love! It’s doing this blog: writing and taking photos to share my advices, my thoughts and feelings with all of you! It’s so great to share with people like you. I learn, I laugh, we exchange and it’s such a great experience, like I never thought it would be. I also like “fashion coaching” people. Go through a closet I don’t know, and create new outfits idea, even a new style if needed, and see the smile on a person’s face. See how happy they can be just feeling so good in that new outfit, so confident all at once!

Still that doesn’t pay the bills…

So guys, how did YOU figure it out? Do you love what you do? Was it easy to find out?
Let me know!!!




  • 1.How have you figured out what you wanted to do in life?

    Now this is not very correct english, use rather how did you figure out, as you are asking a question and supposing that the subject of that question has found the answer to it, or if you want to keep “have” then you should remove the “ed” from wanted.

    2.I have just talked to one of my bestfriend for a while, and we were talking about how we have NO CLUE what we want to do!

    best friends is written “best friends” as best is an adjective for friends, and the “for a while” means nothing in this context. Has he or she been your best friend for some time or was the conversation a long one.

    3.” But we studied “.

    You may never ever ever ever ever ever and once again for good measure,ever, use “but” at the beginning of a sentence.
    Although times are changing, and the rules of grammar and good composition are not an exception, it is mostly due to the proliferation of informal and improper dialect found on blogs and other online sources. You are not alone.

    4 ” Marketing. Or Business.”

    Why is there a fullstop in between the two? Is it Marketing. Or Business if you didn’t understand what Marketing was, or is it just there for stylistic effect, and for the “.Or” see above.

    5.”And don’t tell me that”

    Again see 3.

    6. “But this is SUCH A LARGE OPTION!”

    This is wrong in syntax and intention. Here you say that this is an “option”, but an option is an answer, or a choice to be made, not a selection of options.

    7. “And what ”

    Again Lulu, again. See number 3, and review your FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).

    8. ” uh? ”


    9. “With the time, most of the jobs we will see didn’t even exist a few years ago.”

    You have me scratching my head on this one. What exactly do you mean? With time, most of the jobs that will be created don’t even exist now? In the future most of the jobs that we have now won’t exist?
    Please, review.

    10. ” this blog: writing and ”

    Prefer a full stop, rather than a colon.

    11. ” photos to share my advices ”

    To share your advice. Your advice does not exist in the plural form, it is your own, and you do not have more than one. Although advice can be plural and singular, it will never become “advices”. Just another little folly of the English language!

    12. “we exchange and it’s such a great”

    Replace the “and” by a period. This will help structure in this very very badly structured piece.

    13. ” « fashion coaching » ”

    Inverted comma’s? Really, is that how you would say fashion coaching in a bar, with two fingers waving on each side of the word?

    14 “Go through a closet”

    To go through a closet, or Going through a closet, but as you write it here, you are giving someone the order to do it. As in, “Lulu, go through your closet, and make some space because there is a sale on at the charity shop !!”

    15 “outfits idea,”

    Not being a fashion blogger myself I don’t know if this is common language, but please, that really doesn’t mean anything. It is either an idea for an outfit, or having an idea for an outfit.

    16 “See how”

    To see how, you are talking about you seeing, not look everybody. See how happy…

    So 16 mistakes out of 22 lines. Not bad,Lulu, but I do recommend some remedial english.

    Yours sincerely,

    The Internet English Teacher.

    17.”I definitly”

    I definitely. Nearly missed that one, Lulu, nearly !

    • Dear English Teacher, thank you for you help and your time!
      I do know I make mistakes since I learned english by myself and never had a lesson. Plus, I learned it in the USA, which english is slightly different than the british one.

      Anyway, I do my best for my international reader to be able to understand me, and until now I think they did.

      Thanks again,


  • English teacher, what’s more important in life:
    Living and sharing your passion with not well written language or having perfect written English and correct people on the net ?
    I choose the first option personally.

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