Princesse Skoda Afternoon

Last friday I spent a wonderful afternoon like a real princess!

Before I tell you more about that day, here’s a quick look at my outfit:

Wearing: NEW LOOK jumper – H&M TREND pants – ZARA jacket – VINTAGE fur – H&M clutch – STEVE MADDEN shoes

The goal of that afternoon was to try out a car, drive around the city and go to specific places… such as: Bobbi Brown, New Look and Smets Premium Store.

First of all, the stupid idiot I am forgot to take her licence before going to the event… which means I didn’t actually drive, but I got a driver! A perfect one!
(At that point I really felt like a princess haha)

I said driver, but it was more like a buddy, and here we are in the Yeti (model of our car)

Angélique of and myself

First stop was at Bobbi Brown, rue Antoine Dansaert where we got lucky and found a great parking spot

Yeti Skoda – kind of like a 4×4

We went to Bobbi Brown where we got a 5min make up touch. I believe by now you know me, and know I’m not a big make up person

This make up was WAY TOO MUCH FOR ME, even though Angélique’s make up looked very nice

Next stop was NEW LOOOKKK!! Thanks to TanDem, New Look and Skoda we got a voucher of 40€. Not much you might say, BUT at New Look it’s almost a fortune and you can get several stuff for 40€!

Hesitation between the top and the pants…

I finally went for the pants, and Angélique did as well. I also got some nailpolish stickers.

Next stop was at Smets Premium Store for a manucure!

I first got my make up fixed because I really didn’t feel comfortable with the other one

Nailpolish by OPI

And then the Princess afternoon was already over! But it was a lot of fun! Big thanks to Skoda, TanDem and especially Alexandra and finally best driver/buddy ever Angélique! (find Angélique’s article HERE)

Oh, and guess what I’m wearing today…

NEW LOOK pants – TOPSHOP boots

Do you like my new pants?


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