Spring – Summer 2012: THE TRENDS

Today, let’s talk about the trends for this summer!

Of course, this is my take on those trends, and these are the ones I spotted on the catwalks. Magazines counts more of them (that are just as right, but there are too many to put them all here)

I chose several looks from different designers to represent those trends, and I was thinking about applying those trends to my wardrobe and do outfit post inspire by them, what do you think?


Chloé * Prada * Givenchy * Just Cavalli

 I think my favorite is Givenchy (from the blazer to the shirt and those AMAZING shoes)

HOW TO WEAR PASTELS: you can choose one pastel color for the entire look (like Givenchy or Just Cavalli), or mix different tones of pastels like Prada.

As you can see, it can be any style (from any wardrobe) rock like Just Cavalli, edgy like Givenchy or romantic like Prada.


Isabel Marant * Alexander Wang * Barbara Bui * Rag&Bone * Gucci

Really love the Isabel Marant look, and the Alexander Wang one is one of my most favorite look from all the fashion week, but I admit, not very easy to wear…

HOW TO WEAR SPORTY: You can wear it as a top, just like Isabel Marant. Choose the kind of t shirt that reminds us of “American Colleges”, the ones from Isabel Marant are amazing, but you can find similar ones in others brands (Zara, H&M, Forever21,…) It doesn’t have to be numbers, you can also go for letters, words,… You can wear those t shirts with pretty much anything, but always try to ad something “chic” to the look, so it doesn’t look like you just came back from the gym…

As a pants, choose a pants that has a chic look but with a line on the side (like Barbara Bui or Gucci), but pair it with a shirt, something chic because you don’t want to look too sporty. That’s why heels are mandatory, with some jewelry as well.


Band of Outsiders * Dolce&Gabbana * Prada * Pucci * Topshop Unique

As wierd as it can be, this trend has been seen on many runways, and worn with many different style.

HOW TO WEAR THE BANDEAU BRA: Let’s say it, it’s NOT easy at ALL! My favorite look must be the one from Band of Outsiders, and I would deffinitly go on that direction, kind of “Hippie” like.

Pucci‘s look is really fabulous, but you really have to have the body to be able to pull it off. But I find it beautiful, same for Dolce&Gabbana.

You can go sporty as well, like Topshop Unique, but it’s deffinitly not a personal favorite.


Isabel Marant * Band of Outsiders * Ann Demeulemeester

Really like this trend, especially as a pants (check the one from Isabel Marant from the “Sporty” trend).

I know Band of Outsiders and Ann Demeulemeester aren’t really TIE DYE but it got the same spirit.

HOW TO WEAR TIE DYE: As I said, like a pants with any kind of top it will look great! Or like Isabel Marant‘s jacket. Such a statement piece, but at the same time easy to wear with everything, and it will bright up any outfit.

If you’re more inspired by Band of Outsiders or Ann Demeulemeester, as you can see, it can be a top, dress, skirt or even pants. Anything actually. Try to keep the same color than Band of Outsiders, I think it looks better. I already saw similar versions at Zara.

Printed on a lace, I think it’s the best, but that’s up to you…

I will post tomorrow and friday more trends.

What do you think of these ones already? Convinced? And which one is you favorite?


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