World War III: Marni at H&M

By now, you’ve heard about the Marni collaboration for H&M. Well today was THE BIG day!

I will take you on my crazy journey of this thursday morning:

4:15 – Waking up

4:30 – Geeting ready for the cold with mugs of hot tea

4:45Dorothydancing pick me up

5:00 – Arriving at the H&M rue Neuve

5:30 – In front of the H&M rue Neuve, we are three

5:35 – ZARA delivery… Can we have a few boxes please?

6:05 – A few people arrive but doesn’t matter, we’re the first in line!

7:10 – The line has gotten pretty long

7:30 – WE DID IT! We’re in the first group

7:45 – Time for breakfast at Coffee Company that nicely opened earlier today!

9:00 – Time to go back to H&M

9:20 – 10 minutes before the doors open

9:34 – One minute left before entering the Marni corner

9:35 – I know what I want, I JUMP on the clothes and go straight to the fitting rooms

9:37 – Ready to try on

9:45 – Paying for my new bathing suit

10:05 – Out of H&M, HAPPY WARRIORS!!

10:30 – I’m back home, and I’m really glad I did this, it was a lot of fun!

So, is there any other warriors in my readers? 🙂


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