Introducing… MAKISU

If you don’t like sushi, raise your hand!

Let’s just be clear, you’re not allowed not to like sushi on this blog… ok ok I’m kidding!

I haven’t done a new Hotspot in a while, but I couldn’t really find any new place that was worth it, or that Brussel’s Kitchen didn’t say it better than I ever could…

Anyway, last saturday, I finally took a step inside Makisu, a sushi restaurant I had heard about for a few weeks. But this is not exactly a sushi restaurant, it’s more a “Rolls” restaurand, because that’s all they do (but they do it well).

You can either choose a kind a Maki in the menu, or make your own from scratch, how cool is that?

Wanna know what’s even cooler? It’s DELICIOUS and cheap! And these two don’t come often together, let me tell you that.

To give you an idea, it’s about 5€ for 8 rolls, and as you can see, they aren’t small.

What’s left to say? See you there?

5, Rue du Bailli – 1050 Brussels


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