Brussels – New York

The love story between me and the United States exists since a few years now.

It actually started on August 2000, when at 12 years old, I went with my parents to California. It took me not even a day to fall in love with the country (imagine, being 12 years old, and entering a really girly shop where you can get your nails done for free? And have the best breakfast you ever had, even if it includes sausages, and you don’t understand why anyone would eat that in the morning)

After that holliday, the idea of doing a year abroad, in the USA grew up in my mind. A few years later, I was in the plane, flying to NYC ready to start a year as an exchange student. I can’t express how good it felt to arrive there. I have lived in Hamden Connecticut, and Washington DC. As you can guess, I’m a East Coast kind of girl.

During that year abroad, my love for the United States grew even more, and even if I had a rough year, I had to be strong and stay until the end, at least to enjoy more days on the US ground.

Coming back home wasn’t easy, I was really missing America. What did I miss (and what do I still miss)?
Well there are a few things:

  • my host family and friends
  • the fact to be able to be whoever you want, or actually just being yourself, without being judged
  • the FOOOD
  • the people! I love when I randomly walk in the street and someone comes up to me to tell me how much they like my outfit.
  • the shopping (no kidding)
  • the feeling that everything is possible (american dream you say?)
  • the DC metro (how random is that?)
  • and there is much more, but which are impossible to explain

As you may know, Brussels Airlines launched a new connections that does Brussels – New York, and I happend to be on the first flight, which was pretty cool!

One of the coolest thing was the “salute” of belgians firemen in Zaventem, then new yorkers firemen in JFK (here is Zaventem)

For me, this new flight connection is not only an easier way to go to NYC (of course it will be so much easier, cheaper, and for a really nice flight), but it makes me closer to my friends and familly, and closer to all of those feelings. Now, if I have the need to go back or to see my friends, it’s good to know that I’m just a flight away from them…

…and what a flight!

I have been to the USA quite a few times now, so I guess I can tell when an Airlines or a flight is worth it. And I was really impressed by Brussels Airlines. First of all, the plane looks brand new (it has USB entry in the screen which is REALLY good to have). The seats are not only spacious and confortable (alright, I had two seats for myself with makes it even nicer, I admit).

The crew is one of the NICEST I’ve ever had! And they feed us all the time haha. The food was delicious (indian), and I got one lunch, an ice cream, and even a fajitas (which happend to be perfect, because I couldn’t eat for the next 10 hours, looks like Brussels Airlines saved my life on this one).

I can tell you, there is something happening between me and that airline…

I was lucky enough to have a preview of the new crew collection made by Xandres the day before

And how happy was I to see that the outfit appeared exactly the same, from the shoes, to the dress and the scarf, or even the perfect hairdo! It reminded me a lot of the series PANAM, with a little touch of vintage glamour

I did try to do something artistic between my face and Brussels Airlines logo in the bathroom of the plane… obviously, didn’t come out that great hahaha

Because I know you all wish to see what my  travel outfit looks like, here is a glimpse of it. Yes, of course my shoes matched the colors of the Airlines on purpose!

I will leave you with this simple sentence “I’ll take Manhattan” (which I will do tomorrow by the way. follow the steps of my trip on my FB page or my Twitter)


  • J’aime bcp ton article! YAY for Brussels Airlines!

    La derniere fois que j’ai pris un vol BXL-NY c’etait en septembre dernier, avec Delta Airlines. Tout petit avion de m***. Mais bon, appart ca le vol c’etait bien passee.

    C’est dingue comme tellement de gens aimes les Etats-Unis. J’y habite depuis 3 ans, et ne suis tjs pas fan (appart pour le shopping of course). Mais ca doit etre car j’habite au Texas. C’est terrible ici. Je parie que la Californie ou meme la Floride – ou NY pourquoi, m’irais bcp mieux.

    Et sur le faite que tu dis que tu peux etre qui tu veux ici, encore une fois je ne me retrouve pas la. Ici quand je suis moi avec ma mentalite Belge, ca ne passe pas. Les Texas sont bcp trop sensible – il me rende dingue – et trop chretiens aussi. Mais j’ai entendu que effectivement les NYkais sont “rude”, ca ca m’irais comme un charme :).

    Si tu penses a visiter le TX un jour, let me know!

    • Hello!

      Je pense que j’aime les Etats Unis tout particulièrement parce que j’y ai vécu, et c’est une relation très particulière que j’entretiens avec ce pays depuis 🙂
      Moi je n’ai vécu que sur la côte Est, et clairement j’ai souvent eu la chance de cotoyer des gens ouverts d’esprits. Maintenant, comme partout, tout existe et surtout aux USA où l’on peut souvent trouver des extrêmes!
      Effectivement, dans les deux villes où j’ai vécu (New Haven, CT et Washington DC) les gens étaient ouvert et j’avais vraiment le sentiment d’être qui je voulais. Peut-être aussi parce que je n’y connais pas autant de monde qu’à Bruxelles (où j’ai toujours vécu) et donc les gens sont moins porté à la critique quand ils ne te connaissent pas? (en tout cas, ce que j’aime c’est que même s’ils ne te connaissent pas, ils ne se privent pas pour te faire des compliments et ça c’est génial!)
      Et pour en avoir rencontré (rarement) je sais que certains Américains sont beaucoup trop fermé, et du coup je te souhaite beaucoup de courage!

      Aucun plan de venir au Texas, mais au cas ou, je te dirais quoi! 🙂


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