Cannes Festival 2012 – the best and the worst of the Red Carpet

I’ve made a selection of the best and the worst look, already posted on my Facebook Fan Page.

Anne Consigny in Alexis Mabille Couture
I love this one, I dream about a dress like this event though I’m not sure it would fit as good as her.
The color, the little knot in the front, the sparkliness… Hello little princess!

Eww how would you EVER consider wearing THAT dress on a red carpet!

Diane Kruger on the first day, in her first Red Carpet look. It’s like if she was saying “If you were expecting bad red carpet looks from me this year, then just go back to your mama because I’m gonna rock it!”. And she did…

One of my favorite dress seen at this year’s Cannes Festival!

Freida Pinto in Michael Anger
I really really love this! Really girly and really fun

I want this dress, there is not much more to be said here.

Here we go, my favorite look of the festival!
It is just plain perfect, I have nothing more to add.

Kristen, once again, not doing it for me.
Not working at all, especially the hideous shape!

Pretty sad one, because usually Jane does a really good job on the red carpet!
This is NOT working at all for me. The shape, the color,…

Janet Jackson in Emilio Pucci
The dress isn’t that great (I mean, WHEN would you choose a dress like this one when going to CANNES!?), it doesn’t even fit her, and please why would you show those ugly fake boobs?

Kelly Brooks in The Blonds
No way. Not in Cannes!

Kristen Dunst in Louis Vuitton
Welcome back in Barbie World, the only place on earth where this dress is admitted


Looks like something has confused the Festival’s steps with the Church’s steps?
Even though I like white dresses, this reminds me way too much of a (bad) wedding gown.

I do not understand this.

Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior
With that outfit, she certainly won the Palmes of the worst grandma outfit. Ew

Ewww, hello vulgarity!
Plus, being as short as Kim is, I would NEVER wear booties going that high with such a mini dress.

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