Lulu Fashion Coach & Apéros Urbains 2012

Hello guys!

Tonight is the first Apéro Urbain of the season 2012!
Alright, you probably know that as you’re reading this, I’m actually on the plane for NYC, but anyway, I wanted to share something very exciting with you.

I’ve been working at the Apéros Urbains since a few years, behind the bar. But this year, I wanted to do something different, something more me. Spending evening behind my bar looking at everyone, I realized that a lot people were so well put together, great styles.

That’s how we got the idea to do a Streetstyle at the Apéros Urbains every friday, but not only.  I will also give you my tips on what to wear the following friday, depending on the weather and the location. Just like I did last year, but on my blog, remember?

You will find the Streetstyle pictures and the outfit tips on the Apéros Urbains Blog

Here are a few great looks I spotted during the last season of the Apéros Urbains

Can’t wait to spot all of you looking fabulous!

By the way, even though I’m not there the first two friday’s, my eyes will be!


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