H&M made a very happy Lulu!

Yesterday I did a bit of sale shopping. I didn’t have much hope to make a great deal, since the sale started not even a week ago.

And then I when to H&M and saw that

I think my mouth dropped when my eyes saw the sale price. HELLO MARNIxH&M JACKET FOR 20€ INSTEAD OF 200€!

Let me tell you that I couldn’t believe it, and still can’t.

This was definitly one of the pieces I really like from the Marni for H&M collab, but was way too expensive for me.

Well I guess that’s not a problem anymore. And now I want to wear it every second of everyday!

So this is what I am wearing today: My brand new Mango white jeans, another sale purchase I made yesterday. I was looking for a new pair of white jeans for sooo long, the perfect fit, the perfect waist, not too high, not too low, the good skinny without being too tight. My awesome new Marni for H&M jacket. Forever21 basic t shirt, which are my all time favorite (I have them in SO many colors), I sometimes even buy twice the same color because I wear them all the time. And they only cost about 5€! My nOir Jewelry necklace gifted by Village Verve. And my converse all stars.

Sorry for the late post guys.

Have an AWESOME weekend, xx


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