USA Hotspot #6 & #7: Samourai Mama & Union Pool

Here are two places that I have tried on my second night in NYC.
It’s actually in Brooklyn, Williamsburg to be precize.

First one is a delicious restaurant, and second an AWESOME bar.


Samourai Mama is a japanese noodle restaurant. If you’re from Brussels, you probably know KOKUBAN, well it’s pretty much the same.

They serve noodles in a miso inspired broath, either hot or cold. Some dishes are also with the noodles and the broath served separatly.

In Brussels my two favorite dishes are gyoza’s as starters, and then the Karaage Ramen (fried chicken in a hot bowl of broath with noodles).

At Samourai Mama I went for gyoza’s (OF COURSE) and then a bowl of hot noodles in a miso inspired broath with shrimp tempura, SO YUMMY!


my dish 

The restaurant is very nice inside; it has a terrace (always nice in NYC), some booth and a big common table (just like Kokuban!)

Super cool place to eat in Brooklyn, delicious and not overexpensive (same price range as Kokuban)

Samourai Mama
205 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 
(718) 599-6161


This bar is seriously awesome. The atmosphere and the people are great, the place looks beautiful (seriously, HOW COOL is the terrace, right?), they have a taco’s truck on the terrace (super AWESOME), and if all of that wasn’t enough, it’s really cheap!

The price range for a drink (alcohol + soda) is 6$! Can you believe this? Not only it’s cheap, but for NYC it’s super duper cheap!

Here are pictures from the night I was there. Sorry for the bad quality, I only had my iPhone.

The bar is right by the subway station Metropolitan/Lorimer St (G&L line)

Union Pool
484 Union Ave 
Brooklyn, NY

These are definitly two of my FAVORITE places in NYC, so if you pass by, you should definitly try them out!



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