Cargo pants

I have a big crush on cargo pants, and always did.

I do think it’s a must have in the wardrobe, since it’s so confortable and so easy to wear. Still, you have to be carefull, you have to dress it up, and make it feminin.

Wear heels, jewelry, cute little blouses, denim shirts,… Or you could always go the opposite way (rock/grunge) with big boots, loose thank tops, military jacket,… (I would add some jewelry though, like little chains)

This is how I wore mine today

Wearing: ZARA TRF cargo pants – ZARA blouse – H&M necklace (old) – FOREVER21 belt – KURT GEIGER sandals

I found my cargo pants over a year ago in the sales at Zara. It’s not always an easy item to find, but I’d say Zara is always a go to when looking for one. I did some research, and here is what I found

The three of them are from ZARA TRF at 39.95€

On a personal basis I like the first one better because it’s more fitted, but that’s up to you.

How about you guys? Do you like cargo pants? Do you own a pair? How do you wear it?


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