Confidence is not for sale

Having confidence in ourselves is an issue for more people than we think. And I do get that, growing up I had close to no confidence at all. I felt fat, I felt ugly or stupid. With years, most of those fears disappeared. Of course, I was still not 100% confident in myself. I always felt like I was different, in the ways I thought, acted or dressed (especially the way I dressed to be honest).

This screwed up with my mind a few times. Then one day, I realized. WHAT IF… What if my differences made me stronger? Made me stand out more? Made me fight for what I want even more? Which I did. Thanks to that, I have reached the goals I had in mind, which definitely helped with my self-confidence. Today, what I thought was some weaknesses, are some of the best things that made me the woman I am today. And the process of fighting, and be a stronger person is something I’m working on on an everyday basis.

I want to give a small example that automatically speaks to me because I definitely recognize myself in her. Leandra Medine, best known as the Man Repeller, created a blog to expose her way of dressing up, which are trends that usually repel men (her friends use to tell her that maybe, she couldn’t find a guy because of the way she was dressing up – gosh, how many times my friends told me that!). She took something that could have made her sad, unconfident, and made it to something big. Something huge.

I think most women should learn from that. Learn that they should accept what and who they are, and also accept their weaknesses. And make their weaknesses their strengths.

I took a sentence in the mail Vila sent me “The sensation you get when you’re wearing a look that feels like a natural extension of the style you want.” This spoke to me A LOT.

Even with what I just explained to you, I still have moments, just like everyone else, when I feel like shit. It can come from various reasons: not getting a job, the end of a relationship, failing a test,… When I feel that way, instead of crying/staying by myself feeling like shit, I dress up, either fancy, or crazy, something that I’ll feel EXTATIC about (especially with accessories… even if it’s wierd and unexpected), and either go walk around town, or go for drinks with my friends. The feeling won’t last for days, but at least for one night, I know I will feel great and confident.

Yes, I love crowns… a lot! You can call me Princess Lulu

I think Vila wants to give the same message for the women out there. When they asked me to talk about it, I was very excited to do so because I hope it could help a few girls out there. This is also part of the reason why I decided to become a fashion coach. The look in the eyes of a girl, looking at herself in the mirror, and see the new confidence with her new look, is something priceless.

Vila also made a short movie of models falling down runways, but they keep smiling. This is it guys, even when you fall, doesn’t matter how low, keep your head up high, and especially, keep fighting for what you want and who YOU are.



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