Food: Recipe #4

Hello guys!

It seems that lots of you enjoyed the recipe I gave you last week of my summer salad.

I thought I would give you another of my favorite summer salad recipe. With the summer weather we’ve been having for the past week, it’s all I want to eat.

It’s not too hard to make, very yummy, you won’t be hungry after (which happens sometimes when eating salads) and it’s super healthy!

You need:

– An egg
– Smoked salmon
– Cucumber
– Fennel
– Letuce
– Arugula
– Alfalfa sprouts
– Goat cheese (Chavrou)

– Lemon
– Olive oil
– Mustard
– Salt

– Vinegar

I put a poched egg on top because I find that delicious, but that’s up to you.

Follow the steps of how to make a poched egg right here. That’s how I learned how to do it, only a few months ago. It looks hard, but it’s pretty easy.

For the salad, slide in very thin pieces the cucumber, the smoked salmon and especially the fennel

Make your own dressing (always taste better)

I have no idea about the quantities though. Salad dressing is something I can do my eyes closed, but I’ve been doing it since many years. Since I was very little, my mom always asked me to make it to help her out in the kitchen 🙂

Mix all the ingredients together with the dressing. Place it on a plate.

Add some goat cheese (I use Chavrou) – but if you want to make it lighter, don’t add any.

Place your poched egg on top, and some alfalfa sprouts on top of everything to make it look pretty (I had put alfalfa sprouts in the mix of the salad as well)

And you’re done!

Hope you like it!


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