Food: Thaï Noodle Salad

Hello guys!

Here we go with a new summer salad. It was my first time make it, but it was a success. So yummy and fresh.

As you might have noticed, I really love asian cuisine. I think it’s delicious, lots of flavors, and light.

I found this recipe on a food blog, but sadly I haven’t wrote down the address of it, sorry.

For this salad, you need:

– rice noodles (even better when they are thiner than the one I used)
– shrimps
– soybeans
– cilantro
– mint
– carrots
– fresh onions
– peppers
– cucumber

– ginger
– soy sauce
– sesame oil
– lime juice
– fish sauce

The first thing to do is to let the noodle rest in a bowl of hot water.

While it cooks, slice the carrots, the pepper and the cucumber in very thin stripes.

 Once the noodles are cooked, let them cool off in a bowl.

Make the dressing with the ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, fish sauce and sweet&sour sauce. The sweet&sour sauce wasn’t part of the original recipe, but I thought it made it better.

 Mix everything together: the sliced vegetables, the noodles, the dressing and the shrimps. Add the cilantro and the mint and TA-DA!

Enjoy 😉

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