To be completely honest, I never liked the brand.

It was too blend, too conventional, too basic for me. It was boring, or at least it was for me, the girl who always hated to look like everyone else.

Then, one day, I got distracted by an add, by Gisele Bundchen and by what looked like to be very good looking clothes… Am I reading this right? Is it ESPRIT?

I was in AWE staring at these adds, especially this last one. It seemed that Esprit made a drastic change, and to celebrate that took the most beautiful model on earth, which definitly made their clothes stand out even more. And it worked! I stepped in one of their store for the second time of my life (I had done it once, many years before and that’s it!). I was sooo curious and excited to see the clothes.

They continued to do an amazing job this summer, but I have to say, their strong point is the winter collection.

In doubt? Take a look at what they got for us this fall/winter

I adooore a suit for a woman! And the styling is great, it looks amazing paired with a denim shirt

Velvet, strong point of this winter. Also great accessories, look at that bag!

Super cute jumper, and I WANT that coat (even though I do feel you have to be super duper tall to wear it!)

This little blazer is, I think, my number one favorite piece of the entire collection. And this is probably my favorite look. Those little botties look pretty awesome

Not my style so much, but I love the jacket with the two different fabrics, I think it looks pretty cool.

Oh, and if you were wondering, NOP the collection does not ONLY fit super skinny, super tall girls like Gisele, it also looks great on you, and me. Take a look on what Dorothydancing tried on, it looks amazing!

So, I think I’m now convince by the brand, how about you?

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