Birthday outfit

You probably know by now, tomorrow is my birthday.

Since I’m still wondering what to wear, I thought I would do a recap of what I wore on my past birthdays (I usually celebrate it twice, at least… so there’s a shit load of outfit coming up!)

1994 or 1995. What about that make up? And that hair cut uh?

2006 – big celebration for my 18th birthday. Not quite convince neither about my dress or my hair… (but LOVE the crown!)

2006 – too good not to share, my birthday in the USA

2007 – questionable outfit, I agree…


2008 – celebrating my 20th

2009 – 21, and still a Princess!



Sadly I can’t find any pictures from last year, even though my outfit was oh soo amazing!

And what about tomorrow then? And saturday night?


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