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Hello guys!

Last week I mentioned to you that I had attended a 3 suisses event, and I am finally telling you more about it.

A few weeks ago, 3Suisses.be asked us to check out their catalog/website, and create 3 outfits with our favourite items. It was very fun to do, and while I was going through the website, I was clearly amazed by two things: the range of clothing and of brands, and also the SUPER SMALL range of price. Anyway, I created my outfit trying to represent my style as much as possible.

Last monday, we (all the bloggers) met at 3Suisses’ PR agency and discovered our looks in real life. It was a lot of fun, let me show you a few pictures…

The clothes I picked out

Gang of fashion bloggers

And now, two of the looks I created (didn’t like as much how the last one came out)

The most important part of this all, is that a CONTEST is being organised by 3Suisses, with all the bloggers looks. You can pick your favorite, and maybe win a 500€ voucher on the eshop, how cool is that?

I selected the first look for the contest because I believe it is the one that represents me the most (and I’m in AWE for that adidas jacket!) what do you think?

Click HERE to enter the contest and vote for you favorite look!


Photos: (c) Eventattitude/A. Van DER BEKEN
Maquillage: Camille Albane

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