Happy feet

Ola chikitas!

How was your weekend? Very good I hope!

Mine was hum…tiring. I worked a lot, which explains why I did not post on friday, sorry about that. Today I am more than exausted, close to collapse on my desk, see what I mean?

Let’s talk business now: lately I’ve had some shoes revelation. Indeed, I’ve never been really “into” shoes. You know how some girls can go crazy on a pair of shoes, and you’re just like “ugh?!?” ? And go, “why do you care, have you seen that kick ass dress back there?” well that’s me. Or at least, that WAS me. I would go much easier on clothes than on shoes. I use to rather have a big bunch of clothes and just a few pair that could match with everything…

But things are changing little by little… and shoes are becoming a bigger part of my closet.

When going on my press day “tour”, I went a little crazy on the shoes! Because let me tell you, next summer’s collection has some eye candies for us! Check it out

I know you all secretly LOVE these! They’re awesome!

DYING for these!

Paul Smith rocking the androgynity

These rocking beauties are Geox, can you believe that?

So, which pair is your favorite?

And, are you more a shoes or clothes addict?



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