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Hey guys!

I LOVE blogging, but I don’t read so many blogs. Or when I do, it’s really because I’m looking for inspiration, and new styles, and when that happens, I go from blog to blog thanks to the blogrolls.

On a daily basis though, there’s only a few blogs that I check out, either for style inspiration (mostly) and for the fun to look at it.

Style by Kling

 I really like her style, which is very swedish (lots of basic pieces) and sometimes, she brings out the unexpected in some outfits, either with a bag, a hat, shoes, tee…

And I really love the way she styles herself: her hairstyle, the make up (wish is almost not there),…


 She’s got the same kind of style than Elin Kling, but still is different. I find her more “accessible” in a way. She has a more normal body (Elin looks more like a model, and like all model, everything fits her), and her clothes are more often coming from accessible shops, which barely never happens with Elin.

Sabrina has a really really cool style, a little boyish, casual but always very polished. I LOVE her “new” hairstyle (I really wish I had straigh hair to be able to pull this off). She always stays true to her own style, we a hint of trend, but always staying very herself. A also really like the barely no make up thing going on.

The Man Repeller

Last but definitly not least, Leandra Medine. Her style is crazy, and really over the top (definitly even more after looking at Sabrina’s and Elin’s styles). I love how shes dresses, the colors, the prints, the pieces she chooses to match together. It’s crazy but guess what, it works! Plus, her writing is very very funny, you never get tired of it!

The best of it? When she makes videos: HILARIOUS

How about you guys now, who’s your inspiration? And what blog do you read on a daily basis?


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