Happy 2013!

Dear followers, I want to wish you a wonderful New Year of 2013!

I know this is probably more Thanksgiving appropriate, but still I wanted to give a few thanks to some guys (and gals) out there.

2013 will mark the third year of “life” of Lulufashioncoach, and it could have never been so if:

  • I didn’t have amazing readers such as you guys. Always present, from Belgium, but also all parts of the world, and I’m frankly really thankfull for that. I enjoy sharing with you and also knowing your feedback and your points of view trough the comments here on the blog, on the facebook page or on instagram.
  • My fellow belgian bloggers, it is always so much fun to run into you, meet you for tea, lunch or dinner. Have fun with you at various events, Press Days, drinks, and all the other fun things we’re brought to do.
  • The PRESS ANGENCIES, and of course all the PR agent. You guys make such great work, make great opportunities for us, are always really nice and in such great moods when we know how stressfull your job can be. I find it always enjoyable to discuss with you, either it’s about fashion, or other stuff. Some of you guys are becoming more than “colleagues”, close to friends, and that’s so much fun.
  • The Brands, for the amazing gifts, opportunities, collaborations and super cool events.
  • My friends, for accepting me running around like a mad lady when I have too much going on, taking my outfit pictures, for not being mad at me when I arrive late to a dinner party after an event, for sharing my articles when I don’t even ask them to, for being supportive no matter what. For being the best friends EVER
  • My roommate for being the best roommate on this planet
  • Fred, for helping me on all technical and geeky stuff about the blog. And for taking the most amazing outfit pictures of all times.
  • To my dad, who allows me sometimes to skip work, take longer lunches so I’m able to make it to some events
  • To my mom for being the best, and always supporting me (and for taking me to THAILAND!)

Thanks you all,

Love you!


Ps: see ya tomorrow for a recaps of the looks of 2012. What better way to start the new year, right?


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