Not just a Purse…

Saturday, me and me loved one were finally reunited. Yes, I am talking about a purse. But not just any purse. THE purse. The one that matches me, my everyday life, easy to wear with any kind of outfit, can follow me in any adventure, is pretty, is edgy, is different and original and unique,… I mean, it’s perfect.

I had almost figured out all of its qualities even before buying it and bringing it back home.

Then I realised it had even more of them than the ones I knew about…

He’s really good at becoming a new piece of fourniture/decoration

Clearly big enough to be a shopping bag

Or even a pillow case… a rough pillow case, but a pillow case anyway! You did not expect that one did you? Well I know, this purse likes the unexpected

Or it can simply be… my super duper multi talking purse!

Jerome Dreyfuss purse found at No Concept

Big big thanks again to all of my friends AND my grandma AND my great grandma for making this love story happen

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