Panties OUT!

The time period when Bridget Jones felt ridiculous because she was wearing some kind of huge panties in front of Hugh Grant is definitly over.


It actualy seems like it inspired lots of designers, and they brought that pantie in front of the stage (or the runway). I already mentioned it two years ago, when I had written about how panties became real part of the outfits. But it was especially concerning Lady Gaga, and that lady wears so many crazy things, I don’t even know where the fashion statements are anymore.

When we look back in time though, we can learn that the panties (either male or female) have been worn under and OVER the clothes. Maybe it explains it? Maybe we always wanted to expose our panties?

I can recall Britney Spears, in her clip “I’m a slave 4 U” wearing what looked like a pantie over her jeans! Oooh Britney, such a fashion pioneer.


Today, designers made these panties a real part of the outfit. Is is just the shorts that became shorter or the panties bigger?

I first spotted of few intriguing panties during the press days last november



These are not all panties, but you know, it got the Bridget Jones spirit.

A month later, when I paid a little more attention to the runways of Spring/Summer 2013, there they were again! Proundly walking down the runways, the panties were (most of the time) a part of the outfit itself.

runway spring summer fashion

Cacharel – DKNY – Isabel Marant

runway spring summer fashion

Dsquared2 – Matthew Williamson – Veronique Leroy

Right now, I guess your question is: is it really possible to wear it in real life? And my answer we be simply: YES.

I made a first try, in 2011, more party inspired (thank you Lady Gaga)

panties lady gaga

Since it’s clearly presented on the runways as something to wear during the day, I made my own version of it

panties fashion marni h&m

Don’t take my picture, I’m just randomly goint to work, ya know?

panties fashion marni h&m

panties fashion marni h&m

panties fashion marni h&m

panties fashion marni h&m

Wearing: ESSENTIEL tee – MARNIxH&M bathing suit – necklace from Thailand – JEROME DREYFUSS bag – ZARA blazer – ESSENTIEL sandals – RAYBAN sunglasses

So, how awesome is it? Should I hit the streets of Brussels with this new trend as soon as the weather allows me to? And how about you?

If you are so very ready but want to wear a sexier pantie than Bridget Jones did, here is a fun selection (bathing suits/bikinis work too of course)


Asos 16£ – Asos 28£ – Asos 11£ – Asos 16£

culotte shop2

H&M – Topshop 26€ – Topshop 16€



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