All about Marie

Regular question being asked: where do you get your inspiration
Regular answer: EVERYWHERE

Truth is, I really do. What I haven’t mentioned though, there are a few particular places and people. Or maybe I have.

Anyways, today I want to introduce you to Marie.


Marie Courroy is a very fun and sparkly (I think it represents her a lot) lady, the one behind the eshop
If you read the “about me” section, you’ll learn that I had an internship at that very same eshop a few years ago. It didn’t last long, but it doesn’t matter because I am happy to have discover the behind the scene, even for a few days. And for meeting Marie, which is a truely inspirational lady.

She lives in Paris but doesn’t look like Parisian girls = she doesn’t dress in grey/black/rock’n’roll – Zadig&Voltaire like/bobo/perfect look/size zero/youknowwhatImean?

She is fun and colorfull, wears crazy prints and vintage dresses, and wears bright red lipstick to go to work. Don’t we love that?







No better way to get to know her than with a video

Dans le dressing de Marie par LOfficielMode

One of the things I really love about her, is the fact that she’s not afraid of making mistakes when shes dresses up. She’s just having fun, and that’s what “fashion” is all about for me.

Wanna know more about Marie? Find interviews of her HERE and HERE

So, what do you think of her style? Pretty cool uh?

And where DO YOU get your inspiration?


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