Late posting it is, I completely fell back asleep after my alarm stopped ringing
(and between us, when I finally did wake up and looked outside, I would have prefered to never wake up and stayed in bed all day)

So today I want to talk to you about hair. Lately I’ve been thinking of changing mine, but I’m not quite sure yet, so I thought I’d ask you guys. It’s all about the color because with my crazy curls, I can’t do much more than keeping them long.

First things first, my natural hair color (I had to go back in time, like 7 years ago!)



It’s kind of dark blond/light brown, or however you want to call it.

I’m now blond, as you know, but I want change. And I thought about a few options:

– go back to basics and to my natural hair color

– in the middle and go for an ombre

ombre hair

Really love this one

– go COMPLETELY overboard ang go RED

Taylor Tomasi Hill

My mom would love it and jump up and down of happiness, and my bestfriend would probably kill me and make fun of me

Truth is, I’ve already been a red head, for many years when I was a child. I tried henna once with a friend, and my mom loved it so much I kept on doing it for years…

red head

(I do hope you’ll enjoy the sight of my beautiful bathingsuit)

– or not do anything and leave my hair as it is.

What’s your take on it, what’s your take on it???


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