Hello guys!

Since it’s really important to me to be honest with you, and I’ve learn that you enjoy my honesty as well, I thought I’d share something with you today.

I hate when after following a blog for a while, you see ads popping up everywhere. I’ve recently decided to do so as well, but it was important to me to explain the reasons why with you. Money is certainly not the goal of this blog, but with the time and work putted into it, it feels a little rewarding to earn some money out of it.

The beauty and the consistency is very important to me though, so the ads that may appear around here will always be fashion related, or beauty, or things that I find appealing. Website, products or brands that could interest you as well*.

And don’t worry, we’re not talking 10 different ads popping up in your face like a Las Vegas sign would. Just one or two.


I do hope this won’t change the way you look at my blog, or at me.

Enjoy your day and see you tomorrow for an outfit post**!

*About that, feel free to order for thousands of euros on those website, those ads will be worth it. Just kidding.
** The outfit post was planned for today but of course I forgot to add the pictures into my dropbox


  • It’s nice of you to be honest! I do think ads can be annoying especially those pop up ads but I think considering all the work that goes in to having a blog it is okay to earn a bit and those ads won’t bother!

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