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Hey guys!

I’m starting a new series of article on Cityplug.be, which is called “Les Bonnes Adresses de…” The point is to ask a few questions to “famous” belgian people: designers, artists, owners of restaurants or bars, actors, musicians, and so on…

To introduce you to this new series of articles, I thought I’d share my favourite places of the city with you guys!

Lulu Fashion Coach - fashion blogger

Who are you?
A 24 years old living in Brussels. I work in Cinema and I’m passionate about fashion since I can remember. I’m also a food lover, and I love to discover new places in my own city.

What does Brussels/Belgium represents for you?
A happy place, even though we have shitty weather. People are nice, joyful and funny.

A good breakfast to start the day? (brunch, coffee,…)
I really enjoy taking my breakfast at Café de la Presse. For brunch there are a lots of places but I think my favorites are Oma and Balmoral.

Your best shopping spots, the ones that make you pretty?
Lady Dandy is probably my favorite clothing store. I also love No Concept, Glory Box to enjoy Filles a Papa (one of my FAVOURITE brand EVER) or bigger chains like Forever21, Zara and H&M.

Your favourite place to eat?
Pudding Rock and Nordzee for lunch. For dinner I enjoy La Piola, Kokuban, l’Amour Fou and Indochine.

Drinks with friends?
Franz, l’Unique, Stoefer or Barabar. Probably later on at Jeux d’Hiver.

Sun and 25°, where can we find you in the city?
Au Suisse for lunch, enjoying to sun while looking at the crowd passing by on the boulevard, and Plasch Brugmann to enjoy drinks with friends on the terrace.

Where would you go for your culture?
To the cinema. It’s part of my job, and really enjoy to see a good movie. I either go to UGC Toison d’Or, or when I can, the Welligton in Waterloo, I love that cinema. Very quiet and never crowded.

Your favourite italian in Brussels?
La Piola for sure! Best Aperol Spritz and best team! But I can’t wait to try Caffe Al Dente, I heard it’s amazing.

Good place to seduce a man?
I don’t do that. But if I did, I’d take him to my place. It’s closer to my bedroom… Wait. WHAT?

Now let’s start the show on Cityplug with the beautiful Emilie Duchêne!

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