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Today I wanted to talk to you about tattoos. With the years going by, it seems that tattoos are becoming a real trend, something everybody’s got to have.

At first, and by that I mean thousands of years ago, it ment being part of a group, a religious sign,… It was something really spiritual. In some cases, it is still that way, especially as a way to be part of a group: a gang, bikers,…

Today though, it seems it has simply become part of a routine, everybody is doing (at least) one; big or small, with colors or not, hided or not,… It feels like it’s just another piece of garment of a new accessory that has been part of the trend for a few years and everyone is craving for it.


Is ANYBODY remembering that it will last FOREVER? Are you still going to rock that huge tattoo on your arm/cleavage/ankle in 30 years? You feel rock’n’roll right now with your denim shirt, oversized tank tops or other cropped tops. What about in a few years? When you’ll have a serious jobs, kids? Will you still be rock’n’roll?

And more importantly, does that tattoo means anything or was it just cute?

The way I see it, a tattoo is made for yourself, to remind you of a good memory, and have a real meaning.

To be completely honest, I have a tattoo. Barely no one knows about it, because that’s clearly not why I did it. I did it to remind me of a great experience, of beautiful memories, the design itself represents a lot for me also. I did it 6 years ago, and I’ve never regret it.

The only problem is, when you do one tattoo, you want to go for the next one right away. But I didn’t because I know I might regret it.

If I had to go for it though, here’s what I would go for: something simple, cute and hided where most of the time, I’m the only one who can see it, just like my first one!





Ok, clearly this one is placed where everyone can see it, but still, I love how it’s small and minimalistic.

If there’s one other advice I can give you, is that if you’re not sure if it will age well, wait 30 years. If you still want to do it, it will look great then, I’m sure!

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