When summer disapear

Hey guys!

I have TONS of pictures to show you but have been working like a crazy person this past days, which explains why I haven’t posted everything yet.

Anyway, I thought I would start this week with an outfit, what’s best, right?

That’s what I wore on friday, to go to Dinner In The Sky (more on that later, yummmyyyy)

The sun was there on&off, but up in the sky the temperature wasn’t really high so I opted for a warm jumper.

Summer Disapear - LFC

Summer Disapear - LFC

Summer Disapear - LFC

Wearing: ZARA leather perfecto – GSTAR jeans – ZARA MEN jumper – FOREVER21 tee – PERCY STONE scarf – SACHA SHOES boots – JEROME DREYFUSS bag – RAYBAN sunglasses

Oh, and yes, I was still wearing my Up to do braid!

Hope you like that no so summery outfit!

And just like that, because it’s monday, I’m wishing you a good day with my two new bff, met during the Dinner In The Sky lunch

Summer Disapear - LFC


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