Dour #25

Hey guys!

I’m about to leave for Dour in a few hours, but before, I wanted to share with you the items I selected to create my perfect festival outfit

Dour outfit - LFC

SHOE DISCOUNT sunglasses – NEW LOOK (very) cropped top – SHOE DISCOUNT shorts – H&M belt – AMERICAN VINTAGE tank top – SHOE DISCOUNT shoes & bag

Ok so first of all, I went for shorts, because seriously, with 29° degrees and full sun, what else (ok, it could have been a skirt, but those shorts were just too cool). I’ll probably wear it high waisted.

Then, we need to be practical: not being to warm, and at the same time, wear something that won’t leave disgusting tanning marks. The little bandeau top was just the perfect option (with the tank top over it, to not arrive naked).

I got the backpack that was just fun and perfect for the occasion. I’m just not used to wear backpack anymore, it’s going to be fun!

For the shoes, I was advised by the festival queen, Nadia Kara, to wear closed shoes. So I went for the little booties that look really cute and match the outfit perfectly. I’m just not sure how to survive with these with 29°… Oh well…

Then, I might add some accessories like jewelry, or something in my hair…

I’ll show you my outfit worn by monday. Until then, have a GREAT weekend, enjoy the sun, celebrate Belgium just like we should, and say Hi to Philippe for me!

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