What’s in my bag: Wedding Time

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting yesterday but my day was pretty hectic, and I wasn’t able to get on my laptop before the end of the afternoon…

So today, I’m sharing with you a “what’s in my bag” kinda post but more specifically on what to bring when going to a wedding.

What's in my bag: wedding time - LFC

The clutch is from H&M

1. My phone, you OBVIOUSLY need to snap some instagram photos during this big day!

2. Cigarettes BAD HABIT I know! But if you’re a smoker, bring your own and stop asking everyone, please.

3. Gums, because it’s an essential, especially at wedding. There’s always a chance of meeting Prince Charming!

4. Little wallet (from New Look) with: money and business cards. Yes, any occasion is a good occasion to promote your blog (really!?). Especially when it’s another blogger who get’s married (right?)

5. Bandages are mandatory. You’re standing up all day, you have heels on, then you want to dance the night away… You better have some with you (and extra’s for you girlfriend who forgot). And yes, it is even better if they are Hello Kitty bandages.

6. Lighter. Even if you’re not smoking, maybe Prince Charming is! Plus, with that lighter, you’ll have a joke to make right away. How cool?

7. I was wearing colored chopstick, so that’s what it is. Plus it helps with smooth lips (Prince Charming?)

8. Pocket deodorant. How genius? Especially for summer weddings!

9. Mini perfume bottle. Love it!

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