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Does quarter life crisis exist? Yes, I’m turning 25 soon, and even if maybe in a few decades I will want to go back to this very moment, right now I’m scared. I find 25 scary.

I always felt like at 25 you’re suppose to know where you are, and where you’re headed. You’re suppose to be established. Starting a career, having a stable relationship, an apartment… Alright it gets boring I admit.

It scares me because sometimes I feel like I’m nowhere. Especially professionally speaking. I used to picture me at 25, so confident in my working abilities and career decisions. Well, I feel confident about my working abilities, but not so sure about those career decisions.

Let me tell you a secret: I have NO IDEA what I want to do. I find it hard today to find something specific you want to do with your life. There are so many options, opportunities, new jobs created everyday. Oh, and so far, blogging is not my job, just to make things clear 🙂 even though that sounds like a really fun job.

Right now I’m working part time as an assistant producer in cinema, but to be honest, this is going nowhere. Cinema’s fun, but that’s not my thing. Fashion’s MA thing, YA KNO. Fashion is so extended though, so diverse. There’s like a 100 different jobs, and all of them are so interesting. Where to go, what to do?

I’m just so lost. Do you know the feeling? When the world surrounding you at this very moment doesn’t feel right?

So what’s the solution here? Start all over again? Somewhere new? Somewhere exciting? Or keep things the way they are and wait until things turn around your way?

Turning 25 brings out so many questions, and life changing decisions. That’s the scary part.

On the other hand, because this was ALL a little too negative. I find 25 very exciting. Because if I want to start all over again, I can. I have the time, the energy and the opportunity. 25 means a bunch of friends that you can enjoy without too many babies so far (even though the ones who are here already are just too cute). 25 means parties! You do know how much I love a good party!

Even I may be a little hard on myself from time to time, just because I had pictured that I’d know exactly where I wanted to be this far in life, I’m proud of myself too. For what I have accomplished until now. And this blog is a big part of it. It brought me confidence, joy, experience, discoveries, and much more. And it brought me you dear readers. I wouldn’t be here without you.

In only a few feeks, the blog is also having his birthday, 3 years already, can you believe it? And let me tell you, we’re going to celebrate (I’ll tell you more about it later).

So guys, how DO YOU feel about 25 uh? Been there, done that? Expecting it? Scared of it? Tell me all about it, I want to know!

Photo by Mireille Roobaert


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