When Creativity meets Economy

I have discovered Isabel Marant many years ago, when she wasn’t “Isabel Marant” yet. She was a designer that made clothes that had an easy vibe, that could be sometimes very androgyne, or sometimes very feminine at the same time. It spoke to my little fashion heart right away.

Then, a few years later, she made her sneakers, and from then, everything went very fast, very big. I still loved her designs and her clothes, but they seemed less attractive when wanted by the entire planet. Still keeping her vibe in my mind, and in my way of dressing up. I wouldn’t rush and go buy the piece of clothing I would run into in the streets, but I would try to find old season’s pieces with that Isabel Marant touch, without being too obvious.

And then, H&M announced the big news: their next collaboration with Isabel Marant.

Isabel Marant for H&M - LFC

I’m not going to lie, it sounded very exciting, but at the same time, it was the opposite of what I always expected of IM. Even though she became very very big in the past years, she kinda always stayed that crazy parisian with a very specific point of view on how to dress women. Dressing in IM has become something cool because it’s trendy, even though it doesn’t always match with the personality wearing the clothes.

The thing that I was finding really exciting was finding out what she had created for H&M. She is such a creative person with crazy ideas, I expected her to go a little crazy, but always with her own touch. I wanted to see something NEW. I wanted to see what she was able to do when reaching such a large public, thanks to H&M.

Then, everything fell a little flat when we finally saw the collection. Most of the pieces are things that I’ve seen way too much on blogs, or in and around fashion weeks, and so on. I don’t get the point. Oh well, I kind of did when I saw a few minutes of one of Isabel’s interview. She said that she receives a lot of letters of “fans” saying they love what she does but can not afford it. She thought then that she would do some of her “master” pieces to be available to everyone*

Isabel Marant for H&M - LFC

It made a little more sense. But then again, I don’t understand why anyone would go through so much trouble, and pay a price that is of course definitly cheaper than the originial one (and so is the quality) – but still in some cases, a big amount of money –  to own something that so many girls and women around the world will have too!?

Isabel Marant for H&M - LFC

And my last concern about all of this is: the organisation. If you ever think, wherever you are, that you can show up early tomorrow morning at H&M, I honestly think you are dreaming. I remember waking up for Marni (one of the collection I was so impressed with: the creativity of the design, the quality of the products and the super cheap price!) and even by being there at 5AM, we were not the first ones… and it was MARNI. A brand that a few people have never even heard of. So Isabel Marant, and especially with all the communication around it? I’d get there tonight if I was you. Oh wait, that’s not it yet!

When going for Marni (you can read the recap of the morning HERE), there was a real organisation, the first fifteen in line were the first group, which had 15minutes to shop, the next fifteen were group 2 with the same amount of time to shop and so on. Even by only being fifteen, with 15 minutes and being Marni, it was already WAR in the Marni shopping zone of H&M!

For Isabel Marant though (and from what I heard), there is no such thing. It will be like releasing lions. They will open the doors, and first come, first serve, and that’s it.

To be honest: I’m expecting dead bodies.

I have to say, I’m tempted come, when the war is over, around 10AM, and see how it went, and the damages 🙂

And next time I want to buy some Isabel Marant, I will just go to my favourite shop Lady Dandy, and I’m sure I’ll find some great IM pieces, of real quality, and cheaper price, just like this top

Isabel Marant for H&M - LFC

I’m curious though, what DO YOU think of this collaboration?

FIY: the collection of Isabel Marant for H&M launches tomorrow everywhere. It will be available at H&M rue Neuve (flagship store) and H&M chaussée d’Ixelles

*Everyone meaning people who can take a day off to wait in line. Meaning as well somebody who runs really fast, and can fight with that b*tch who wants the same top.


  • “I don’t understand why anyone would go through so much trouble, and pay a price that is of course definitly cheaper than the original one (and so is the quality) – but still in some cases, a big amount of money – to own something that so many girls and women around the world will have too!?”

    This is exactly my opinion too! When I heard it will be sold in the H&M Chaussée d’Ixelles which is close to the office I was tempted to go “after the war” like you 😉 But today I’m not even sure I’ll pay it a visit.

  • Depuis Jimmy Choo je les aies toutes faites sauf Versace et pour moi la pire à été Sonia rykiel où il n’y avait pas le système de bracelets et ça été la guerre. On m’a arraché des vêtement des mains, j’ai même du monter sur un présentoir tellement j’étais oppressée. Donc j’imagine pas isabel marant. Moi je vais faire pareil que toi, je vais y aller vers 10h en espérant qu’il reste quelques trucs.

  • hey Lucy, I totally agree with you! …and with Lowett ! And I think these jacquards sweaters of her are nice but not new (we ‘ve seen them or similar for 2 years already..) and still very expensive!
    So I’ll have a look at H&M Porte de Namur around 10 and check fashionistas..
    I personally met her a very long time ago when she was still only designing fancy jewels…she made a brilliant career and she’s really talented … but I think I ‘ll do like you, looking for original iconic old IM pieces..

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