Legally Blond

Hi guys!

So I’ve been wanting to do something with my hair for a while. I wanted change. I’ve mentionned it to you a few times but never know exactly what to do. I’ve been blond for many years now, and it seemes like there was not a lot of options. Darker hair don’t look as good, it kind of saddens my face. Other colors were not really an option so far. I just kept on doing my highlights.

A different cut wasn’t an option either since I like my hair long. Shorter hair don’t really fit the shape of my face. Bangs don’t really work out with curly hair. And then again, I was stuck.

Since it definitely wasn’t a major problem in my life, I just let things go, and left my hair the way they were.

Then, a few weeks back, the manager of the new Toni&Guy (sablon) contacted me. We met up, and it was really great to see who was being the Toni&Guy window. You could expect crazy londonien with blue hair. But no! Here we’re just talking to a hairdresser, who’s just a little a lot more up to date about what’s going on out there.

Since I had a really good first impression, I decided to go further with them and make an appointment.
It was last wednesday. We first talked about what I liked, what I wanted, what I was eventually afraid of. I had a long talk with Andy, who’s the colorist, and who’s a pure genius (and cute, and adorable, and funny, and much more). I told him I didn’t want to go darker, so we then decided to go A LOT lighter. Just like Marilyn.

The change is big but I love the contrast of my blond hair with my eyerbrows. And I just love it when my hair are blond, it just lights up my face.

Now a few pictures of the different steps

Legally Blond by Toni&Guy - LFC

Legally Blond by Toni&Guy - LFC

Legally Blond by Toni&Guy - LFC


dis rav mais la mere de mon meilleur pote est trop chaude

dis rav mais la mere de mon meilleur pote est trop chaude

With Andyyyyy

At the end we had also agreed on doing an hairdo since I wasn’t cutting my hair. We got inspired by what was being done at the London Fashion Week a few days before. I really liked what they did with my hair, it looked really chic yet really up to date and trendy.

Here is how my hair look now

Legally Blond by Toni&Guy - LFC

Legally Blond by Toni&Guy - LFC

Legally Blond by Toni&Guy - LFC

What do you think of it?

Big big thanks again to the Toni&Guy team, and especially to Andy and Badra, for doing something so cool to my hair, I absolutely LOVE IT! <3


Toni & Guy Sablon
Rue Joseph Stevens 31
1000 Bruxelles


  • Eeeh moi aussi c’est Andy qui a fait ma dernière couleur ! Enfin, c’était juste un ombré, moins “changement total” que toi (ça te va super au fait 😉 ) J’ai fait le cobaye avec lui avant l’ouverture 🙂
    Je n’avais jamais été dans un Toni & Guy avant, et j’ai trouvé l’ambiance vraiment sympa…

    • Oui a fond! Ambiance top, vraiment super équipe! C’était mon premier Toni&Guy aussi haha
      T’as déjà posté sur ton ombré? J’ai pas vu! Je me demande ce que ça donne, mais il l’a fait sur une pote à moi et c’est juste trop canon!
      Merci contente que t’aime bien 😉

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