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Hey guys!

Two weeks ago I had the chance to take part into the new cooking classes organised by the Hôtel “Le Châtelain”

You may know how much I love cooking, and can not even imagine how excited I was to take part in a cooking class, especially in a Hotel, such as the prestigious “Le Châtelain”.


We started the class by going picking our fresh produce at the reknown fresh market of le châtelain (it was a wednesday night obviously).

Photo 23-04-14 19 11 10


The happy bunch!

Now back to the kitchen! We made a foie gras barbe a papa as a starter, and then a red snapper with scallops and veggies, to finally finish with a Charlotte aux fruits rouges.

Since we were a very big group, it was a bit difficult to make everybody participate in every step. We each concentrated a lot on our plate presentation. I have to say it almost felt like masterchef, since I never really really paid attention to presentation before.

Here a few snapshots of the different steps


Photo 23-04-14 19 54 45 (1)

Making/eating our starters



I did help with the butternut squash purée. To be honest, super fun, and super impressive to work in a professional kitchen. But also SUPER hot, and not super easy

Photo 23-04-14 21 25 24

And now, the final result of my dish and my desert

Photo 23-04-14 20 50 58 (1)

Photo 23-04-14 21 33 37 (1)

Super happy with both of my plates!

Now for the more technical informations:

You also want to take part in such a fun cooking class?

– You need to create a happy bunch of 10 people and then you can choose the date of the class, and the menu you want to cook

– The cost is 79€/person including: the money to buy the ingredients at the fresh market, apéros, zakouskis and snacks, the chief and his team, the wine and the servers – and the final meal, of course)

Hôtel le Châtelain
Rue du Châtelain 17, 1000 Bruxelles
02 646 00 55

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