Couvre Chef

Hey guys!

I’ve always loved Hair Accessories, and I’m wearing them since as long as I can remember.

I actually recall my fashion début as a kid in middle school. I was doing hairdos with scarves. It was probably questionable, but it was my first try with playing with my hair.

Since then, I evolved a lot (or at least I enjoy believing it), and it can go in any direction. From headbands, to big bow, to cat ears, to scarves worn many different ways, scrunchies, and much more.

I decided to share this and to make this article today, because there is actually a quite amazing selection on Asos right now.

Couvre Chef - LFC

Limited Edition Spot Mesh Hair Veil – 6$

Couvre Chef - LFC

ASOS Pastel Flower Hair Garland – 10$

Couvre Chef - LFC

ASOS Oversized Rose Hair Clip or Corsage – 25$

image1xxl (4)

Limited Edition Bow Veil Headband – 12$

Couvre Chef - LFC

ASOS XL Hair Bow – 6$

Couvre Chef - LFC

ASOS Large Velvet Hair Bow – 8$

Couvre Chef - LFC

Limited Edition XL Mesh Bow Hair Clip – 15$

Couvre Chef - LFC

ASOS Garden Veil Headpiece – 12$

Which one would you go for?


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