Citytrip Essentials

Hey guys!

I’m leaving today for London, so I thought I’d make a little recap of the essentials I’m taking with me for a 3 days citytrip.

London Essentials - LFC

1. Sam Edelman Bag: A good purse that I can carry around easily, and that can fit everything I need during the day.
2. Iphone: do I need to say why!?
3. Ipod: Can’t live without it, especially if I spend my day walking around the city
4. New Look Sunglasses: Always in need of sunglasses
5. Ipad mini: Perfect for travels, especially when I don’t want to bring my laptop. A must for watching movies/series in the eurostar
6. Fujifilm XP camera: Love it for it size, and I definitely must have a camera to carry around with me for this citytrip
7. Bose headphones: A small for the day, easy to have with me at all times. The bigger one will be super perfect for the eurostar
8. Women’s Secret Pijamas: It’s just super cute, especially when it’s in this little bag
9. Cute shoes BUT confortable enough to walk around all day

And all of this will be travelled in my super Samsonite suitcase that I can’t get tired of.

London Essentials - LFC

I know what you’re thinking: what a big suitcase for only 3 days. Then think again.

London=lots of awesome shops=shopping. Get it? GET IT?

If you have any great places to recommend, I’m just gonna say: GO AHEAD!


Big thanks to Neckermann without whom this trip wouldn’t have been possible

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