I’m there even when I’m not there

Hey guys!

I want to apologize for being so absent on the blog lately. I’ve actually had a lot of trouble with my apartment that I tried to fix, then realized I couldn’t. I then tried to make my landlord fix it. Then it all became just really complicated.

I’ve had really STRONG humidity in my apartment for the past two months. Which includes mold on my clothes, on my matress,… The smell in my apartment was awful and the situation just unbearable.

I recently found another place to sleep because it wasn’t healthy to stay in the apartment, but still haven’t completely moved out yet, and I still need to fix a few things with my landlord.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I spend my mornings packing/unpacking, at the town all, writing emails, my days at the shop (Lady Dandy), and my nights packing/unpacking again.


I’m really sorry but I’m not letting you down, and I’ll pick up the blog as soon as the situation gets better!



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