Twingo Fashion Challenge: The Video!

Hey guys!

There we go! The video for the Twingo Fashion Challenge is finally out! I’m super excited as I’m discovering it at the same time as you.

Click HERE to see it!

Twingo Fashion Challenge - LFC

Little reminder of the challenge (as mentioned in my first article)

It’s actually a contest in which you can win you can win a shopping citytrip with the Twingo and a coupon of 400€ of shopping! How does it work? Subscribe on the following link, and this will give you a number. In a few weeks, hangers will be placed in different fashion stores around the country. Your goal is to find the hanger with your code on it. If someone else finds it, you and the person who found it share the chance to win the citytrip.

The cloth hangers you have to find will be spreaded in stores as from the 13th, so this Saturday!

Ready for the hunt?