It’s TACOS WEDNESDAY • Lulu’s Cooking

Hey guys!

With a bright and sunny day like this one, I thought it was the perfect day to share with you the recipe of my delicious Tacos.

It may sound weird but as much as Fajitas is more of a winter dish to me, Tacos sounds really summery. And THAT’S WHY today’s tacos wednesday!

(if you want to check out my fajitas recipe anyway, it’s right this way)


• soft shell tacos (hard shells are too hard to eat)
• shrimps (I buy them frozen)
• avocado (count 1/person)
• tomatoes
•red onions
• sour cream
• lettuce
• cilantro
• lime
• sriracha sauce
• paprika
• cayenne pepper
• espelette pepper
• garlic
• olive oil
• salt & pepper


About an our before cooking, I take out the shrimp from the freezer, and make them marinate in a little bowl with: chopped garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper, paprika, espelette pepper, cayenne pepper and a little bit of sriracha sauce.


An our later, I start to prepare the side I want to be able to put in my tacos. I always make the same ones, they taste the best to me: guacamole and salsa

For the guacamole: I mash the avocados, I had some chopped tomatoes, chopped red onions and some cilantro. On top a touch of olive oil, some lime, salt & pepper.

For the salsa: chopped tomatoes, cilantro. On top olive oil, lime, salt & pepper.

I put the lettuce in a bowl, and get the sour cream ready


Once that’s all done, I just need to cook my shrimps and heat up my taco shell.

After, I make my tacos to my taste, usually adding a bit of sriracha on top for the heat!