Odette en Ville

Hey guys!

Today I’m reviewing one of my favorite Hotspot in Brussels: Odette en Ville. Have you ever heard of that little Hotel/Restaurant located in the heart of Chatelain? It’s been open for a few years now and is the little sister of Chez Odette located in Williers, France.

I discovered Odette en Ville only at the end of 2014, thanks to friends, but I had never set a foot there before. It’s seemed to “posh” to me, but guess what? It’s never too late to realize you’re wrong. I was completely seduced by the place, and by the staff, who is more than adorable.

Odette en ville - LFC

I usually go there for a few drinks, on weekends, but also any other day of the week. Because yes, Odette en Ville is open everyday! And for once (in Brussels) it’s good to know a place that is open everyday, no matter what.

They make some of the best cocktails I have ever tried, thanks to their amazing bartender Alexis (and Julien who’s getting better day by day 😉 )

Odette en ville - LFC Odette en ville - LFC

Odette en ville - LFC

 Odette en ville - LFC

I’ve eaten a few times there, but I was kindly invited a few weeks ago to try their lunch. They have an interesting lunch formula every week, from monday till friday for 22€ including a starter, a main dish and a tea or coffee. I actually ended up choosing plates from the menu, and it was all super yummy!

I started off by asking an alcohol free cocktail to Alexis, which I’ve done before a few times, and it’s just as good as a regular cocktail!

Odette en ville - LFC

I then chose the boiled egg with truffle and wild mushroom… INSANELY good!

Odette en ville - LFC

I finished off with sesame seared tuna with a wasabi sauce (with a salad and fries as side dishes)

Odette en ville - LFC

I really loved how clean is the presentation, still making me want to devour the plate right away!

To be completely honest, it is kind of an expensive place to eat, that’s why I usually go there at night and only go for drinks. They serve probably the best cocktails of Brussels (it’s then worth its prices…)

Since a few month now, there is also “Les Apéros d’Odette en Ville”, which is always fun. A great way to discover the magic of Odette, without being maybe intimidated by entering the charming place on a regular night.

Here is a great memory from the Apéro of March

Odette en ville - LFC

And if you pass by, look around, I might be there just hanging around with friends… And come say hi!