Thai Beef Salad • Lulu’s Cooking

Hey guys!

It’s been a crazy week, and so little posting. I feel so bad, but at the same time so good. It feels really amazing to have some kind of “routine” again, going to work everyday, and loving it… It’s also a time of the year when events are popping almost everynight, pop up bars, rooftop bars (gosh lots of bars… and cocktails) but it’s fun! Yet exhausting.

Anyhow, I finally have some very little time to post about my Thai Beef salad that had a great succes on Instagram. I made it a few weeks ago, and gosh, I forgot how delicious this could be. And how easy it was to make it!

Alright, so for the ingredients, easy breezy:

• lettuce
• tomatoes
• cucumber
• red onions
• red peppers
• beef
• cilantro

(you can easily change or switch ingredients depending on your preferences)

Now for the sauce, I used:

• soy sauce
• lime
• a teaspoon of sweet and sour sauce
• half a teaspoon of sesame oil
• two teaspoons of sugar


Cut all ingredients in small pieces. Pour them into a bowl or large plate. Cook your beef on each side for about 2 minutes (it has to be really raw/blue in the middle). Slice it very thinly and place it on top of your salad. Add the cilantro (to your convenience).

For the sauce, pour all ingredients into a bowl. Add the sugar, and on top put a little bit of boiling water. It will help melt the sugar with the sauce. From there, I usually taste it, and see if it pleases me. If it doesn’t I readjust it.

Pour the sauce over your salad and VOILA, you’re done!