Hey there!

I went to Berlin not so long ago, and I thought that I wanted to share with you some of my favourite places. Berlin is a city I truely love, since I first discovered it back in 2010. My last trip was my third time in the city, and I’m definitely planning on going back as soon as possible.

I’ve seen different parts of the city already, and they’re all pretty exciting, even though some of them are completely different. I’m just not so crazy about the city center, in the check point charlie neighborhood.

Mitte or Kreuzberg on the other and are really great to walk around, for shopping, eating or drinking.

Here’s my hotspot list:


Berlin Hotspot - LFC

The neighborhood of Mitte is definitely a favorite, like I said earlier. One of my favourite streets around there is Oderbergerstrasse. It’s not only pretty but has plenty of little restaurants that all look super yummy and which usually have really cute little terraces.

Berlin Hotspot - LFC

Not so far from Oderbergerstrasse we find Daluma, a great snack. Here it’s all about healthy, organic and raw food. The place is really minimalistic, but I really like it. The prices are probably a little higher than typical Berlin prices, but it’s worth it. I mean, look at that breakfast plate!

Berlin Hotspot - LFC

Chia pudding, granola, fruits, almonds and nuts,… YUMMY! Oh, and the place has wifi! Which isn’t easy to find in Berlin…

Berlin Hotspot - LFC

Oberholz is at the metro stop Rosenthaler platz. I actually remembered it from my first time in Berlin because the place looked really cool. It’s really trendy and full of startup looking guys hypnotized by their MacBook. Indeed, it does have wifi too.

The rest of the neighborhood is really great for shopping. It has several amazing sneakers shop spreaded around. Just walk around and be surprised!

Berlin Hotspot - LFC

On my last night I discovered this really cool bar called Neue Odessa Bar. Really close to the rosenthaler platz as well. It’s a really beautiful place, with some kick ass cocktails. The prices are also a little higher than most of Berlin’s bar, but it’s really worth it. I enjoyed two delicious Moscow mules, costing 9€ each. One of the best Moscow mule I’ve ever got to try!


Kreuzberg is not such a cute neighborhood, but it’s more trendy and young I’d say. A little underground even. There you can find a ton of little vintage stores, bars, little snacks and restaurants…

Berlin Hotspot - LFC

Someone recommended me to check out the VOO store. It’s a concept store with some really nice brands, and an amazing sneakers selection (with limited editions). It also has a little coffee shop. Definitely a place to check out if you’re in the neighborhood!

Berlin Hotspot - LFC

I randomly discovered the mexican restaurant Santa Maria, while walking around. As some of you may know, I can hardly resist mexican food so I just walked in. They have a pretty good lunch deal for about 10€. You choose the taco, burrito or quesadilla option, then add a salad or a soup, and a drink.

I went for the burrito, and it was one of the best I have EVER tried, if not the best! Don’t miss it!

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments!