Meeting Emma

Hey guys!

I’m really excited to tell you the big news: Lucie Fashion Coach – the blog – will not only count myself, but from now on it will have a brand new contributor. Her name is Emma (as you may have guessed reading the title).

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We’re going to get to know her together since I’ve met her only a few weeks ago… but I can tell you a few things about her already!

  • Emma is from Canada and she moved to Belgium a few years ago to reunite with a Belgian crush she had met in France during an exchange program. How romantic? I love it!
  • Emma lives in Ixelles, and she’s eager to get to know Brussels and Ixelles the best she can. Its restaurants, shops, bars,…
  • Emma is the same age as I am (but we’ll keep the exact number a secret)
  • Emma has a fulltime job as a marketeer (hey I studied marketing too, how funny!?) but she loves to write and to be creative
  • Emma is really funny and somehow reminds me of my bffs back in the US.
  • Emma loooooves cooking (and eating). She’s more of a baker, which makes us quite complimentary since I’m more into savory dishes.
  • Emma also loves fashion obviously, I’ll always remember one of the sentence from the first email she sent me “I speak social media, am into man repelling and can make a helluva cheesecake” I did not need a lot more to be convinced we would be a great match.

Meeting Emma

Now why did I decide to take a contributor for the blog?

  •  I want to make better and interesting articles if I post something on this blog. That takes time. Time that I don’t always have since I got my new job.
  • I think a little diversity and a different point a view would be really interesting.
  • I felt a little lonely, it will be super fun to share some projects with someone else!
  • The way she reached out to me felt really natural, really joyful and fun. It was hard not to say yes for us to meet. When that happened, it was hard again not to say yes for her to collaborate since she has such a fun personality and I think she’ll bring a great energy to the blog.

Besides that, the blog stays the very same with the very same name. My facebook page and my Instagram stay mine. Emma will bring her input with articles of her own that we both decide match the universe of, and in a near future maybe other projects or collaborations together.

You can already enter Emma’s universe on her Instagram.