Take Eat Easy

Hey guys!

Last week I had the chance to discover Take Eat Easy. I had never used it before for the very simple reason that I live alone, and ordering food just for myself usually isn’t enough to cover the delivery costs. But recently someone told me to just order something for the next day for lunch or dinner. Which is what I did when I made my first order!

I went for asian (Le Lotus Bleu) and decided to go for a few different choices than what I always order (noodle soup, or noodles). I have to say I was super happy with the result.

Now let’s talk a little bit more about the concept itself. I love the fact that they think about the environment (everything is delivered by bike) and it doesn’t take more time than any other food delivery service I’ve tried in the past. Once you’ve made your order, you can follow your “biker/delivery boy” directly on the map they send you. You now in real time where the biker is which is quite amazing.

Their costumer service is also surprising, at least to me. I received an email asking how was my experience, and they also ask to “rate” each plate. I did mention that once of the starters was quite cold (which wasn’t a big deal but I just wanted to let them know) and I got an email back super fast saying how sorry their were. I thought the service and the attention to be very genuine, and nice.

Also, if you ever got troubles while ordering, there is a “chat” open to ask any question you want. Super easy and fast I have to say.

Last but not least, the choice of different kinds of food you can get is trully amazing. The choice was really hard to make, plus, they have new restaurants very often. You don’t get bored, let me tell ya! (sometimes I even go on the site to find ideas on where to go to the restaurant hehe).

Let’s also not forget that Take Eat Easy is a belgian company, built by young entrepreneurs, and I find it great to continue to help them grow like they do. Congrats!