Discover… Delicatessen!

Hey guys!

For the ones who know me, or know the blog for a while, you must know I love to make you discover some hidden and secret places from Brussels. Or places I discovered and never heard about (and think it’s definitly time someone does speak out for them!)

Today I want to share with you the really great restaurant Delicatessen. It’s located next to place Sainte Catherine, and mostly known has a salad bar. I would have actually never thought the concept changed by night if my dad had not walked by it while going to the Christmas Market.

At night it changes for what looks more like a gastro restaurant, with 2 very interesting menus at affordable prices (35€ or 45€ for 3 courses menu and a mise en bouche). Here’s what I had for dinner

Discover Delicatessen by Lulu

Mushrooms ravioli, oxtail, parsnip and pepper reduction

Discover Delicatessen by Lulu

Rolled “sole”, chard, carrots, potato shot and crayfish reduction

Discover Delicatessen by Lulu

Burned coffee, nuts and mascarpone

It was simply beautiful and delicious!

Also, I want to mention how adorable the service is! All the waiters were really really nice (despite the bad mood of my grandma) and the chef came around all the tables to ask what we liked or disliked, and see how the diner went. He was charming and funny, and it trully made the experience even better.

If I had to say one thing I “disliked”, I would just point the fact that the tablecloth are in paper  (so as soon as there is a greasy spot on the tablecloth it makes it really hard for me to take a good picture of my plate :p )

17-19 Rue Sainte Catherine
1000 Brussels