Nature’s candy never tasted so good!

It’s still January, so that means I’m still allowed to talk about resolution, right?! As everyone, I’m filled with the same gung-ho feeling about how my new year is going to be all about a new me. But instead of being obsessed (and then disappointed) on a full transformation, I thought I’d focus on a few, attainable goals.

  • One book each month. Books are brain-food and totally expand your horizons. January is “1984” and February will be the “Your Voice Inside My Head”. Do you have any favourites I should add to my list?
  • Kitchen kitchen kitchen. We just moved to Brussels in September and don’t have an oven. As we’re planning our first big project in our apartment to be a bitchin’ kitchen, we couldn’t be bothered to figure out a temporary solution. That means I discovered what “too much curry” means. (Curry, if you’re reading this, I love you…. But we need a break).
  • No sugar January. Not really a whole-year resolution but hey, I’ll see what happens on February 1. And by no sugar, I mean no looks-so-tasty but packed-with-nasty kind of sugar.

That last one is a perfect segway into a recipe I’d love to share with you. My friends, I introduce to you, the “raw brownie”. This recipe is so good when you’re trying to eat clean. This curbs my sweetness cravings with such satisfaction (and mostly disbelief that something this simple can actually taste so good). This recipe uses medjool dates (the ingredient known as nature’s candy!). I found them at a very decent price at the Flagey market.


All you need is:

150g mixed nuts (unsalted. Some recipes call for all walnuts, but I found a cheap-o bag of mixed nuts at Carrefour and they worked perfectly)

50g cocoa

Pinch or two of salt

12 medjool dates

Put all nuts in the food processor and process for a minute or two, until the nuts have transformed into a fine-ish powder.

Add cocoa and salt and pulse until well mixed.

Pit the dates and with the processor running, add the pitted dates one at a time.

To ensure you have the right consistency, grab a pinch full of the mix and lightly squeeze it together, if it sticks together, you’re good! If not, simply add a few more dates.

Transfer evenly to a parchment paper lined tin, and press down on mixture, so that it is a dense as possible. Cover and throw it in the fridge for a couple hours.

Last step if to try not to eat in one sitting.

Thank me later.

Xo, Emma


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