The Bali Diaries – Second Round {EAT}

Hello guys!

A lot is happening around here (or in my life to be more precise). And as much of you must have seen already, I went back to Bali.

Ahhh Bali, Bali, Bali…. I love you!
Last year’s trip did so much good to me, and gave me so much peace, that I couldn’t resist going back this year. This little island is so much about happiness, goodness, generosity,… (and beautiful, warm, …)

You can find here most of the articles about last year’s trip. I had travelled all around the Island, to end up spending my last days in Canggu. I definitly fell in love with that part of Bali (not so many tourist, lost of expats but it does not bother me) Well developped, lots of yummy place to eat at, good guest houses, good yoga classes, nice beach and bars, I mean… what else to ask for?

I get often ask about my best advices about Bali, so I thought I would write a little bit more about Bali, some of my new adresses, some of my best tips,….


I discovered so many great places I don’t even know where to start… so I will start chronologically with the first places I discovered until the last ones.

Betelnut Cafe

Bali with Lulu - LFC

Betelnut Cafe is located just at the entrance of Canggu. It’s like a big wooden house, and you eat on the first floor. It’s really nice since you then have a nice view over rice fields and some parts of Canggu.BALI16-10

The food is varied, you have lots of breakfast options, but lunch options as well. It’s fresh and delicious. I love smoothie bowls so that’s what I would typically order, but I also tried the spring rolls for lunch and they were really really yummy.

Nalu Bowls

Bali with Lulu - LFC

One of my all time favorite. They are specialised at making smoothie bowls, and they had my favorites. The base is made with Dragon Fruit (which is purple in Bali) so it gave a really cool color to the smoothie. Then topped with fruits such as mango, banana and strawberries, but also granola and shredded coconut. It’s just plain perfection. Check their instagram or website (or facebook) there are a few of them on the island, and I heard the first one in Ubud just opened.

Healthy and yummy start of the day, what else can we ask for?

Nalu Bowls

Peloton Supershop

Peloton Supershop is another place I had spotted on Instagram before leaving for Bali. They seamed to have delicious organic and healthy dishes, exactly what I was looking for!



The place also sells some clothes (very hipster like) and is really perfect for breakfast dishes. It’s located right outside of Canggu. If you have the time, check the clothing shop across the street, it’s really great!



PokePoke was my little crush of the trip. I discovered it 3 days before the end of my trip, but I ate there for my last 3 days because I loved it wayyy to much!


I had heard of Ahi Poke Tuna before (Hawaiien Tuna Tartare) I’ve been dreaming of tasting it since. They had about 5 different ways of serving it but I always went for the most basic one (marinated in ginger and other spices, with rice and salad, a few veggies and topped with a wasabi sauce). Healthy and super yummy… What else?


Watercress Café


I’ve told you about this place last year already, and it’s still really great 🙂

Some other random food place in and around Canggu:

Pomelo Café


Waroeng Geulis


Nothing fancy but a cute little warung in between Canggu and Kerobokan. The little “cantine” of my friends living there. It’s cosy, tasty and unexpensive. The staff is really adorable!

Cafe Organic


Healthy and organic located in Seminyak

Eko Cafe


I would advise it especially for Breakfast!

Here we go with my favorite places to eat! But keep in mind, Bali does not stop evolving and there should be a lot of new places to try since I left (or since I was there because I couldn’t taste it all!)

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