Summer Plate


Hey guys!

Not so long ago I was given the opportunity to try the new GrillPan by the Original GreenPan.

I’ve been wanting to try a grill pan for such a long time that it was the perfect occasion.

My first try was not the most successful juste because it was my first time using a pan, ever. My second try was super easy though, because it’s really an easy pan to use, and it’s non sticky, thanks god!

greenpan by Lulu

There is still some more recipes I want to try with it (with meat or fish, or seafood) but last time I just went for veggies since I’m a veggie lover!

greenpan by Lulu

For my very own summer plate I used (to grill):

  • Eggplants
  • Zucchinis
  • Mushrooms
  • White Aspargus

For the eggplants and zucchinis I let them first marinate with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. I bleach my aspargus in boiling water for about 5 minute then stop the cooking by letting them rest in cold water. I put everything in the pan with a little bit of olive oil, and with the mushrooms just cutted in half.

Once everything is grilled, tada! I place everything on my place, add some salad, avocado, and an “oeuf mollet” and we have the most perfect summer plate

greenpan by Lulu